Process Art vs Product Art

To anyone in the education or early education field, they likely know the difference between process and product art, but to anyone else, this just sounds like jargon and jibberish. I'm writing today to explain the difference between the two and why we as educators and as parents should strive for more process art. So, … Continue reading Process Art vs Product Art


Daycare Q&A

Hi everyone! To anyone reading this blog, I'm going to be doing a Q&A related to anything daycare- from parents, other providers, and so on so feel free to comment below and I'll make a master list and go over your questions in a week or so. Thank you for your ideas!

Pressure Washing and Gel Stain on Garage Door | House Projects

***The finished result of clean pavers, driveway, and post-gel stain!!*** (We just got these shutters put up in January and I am LOVING my house!) I've never been the type of woman who wants fancy things, jewelry, nice dressy clothes, high heels, etc. because I'm just too practical. I prefer tennis shoes or sandals, depending … Continue reading Pressure Washing and Gel Stain on Garage Door | House Projects