“Dear Child Care Parents Please Be Considerate”

This is an article I came across just the other day from another provider who is a director of a daycare center for 30+ years. I really love her content and will be featuring different articles in my blog over the coming months. She goes by “The Spunky Childcare Provider” and requests to be anonymous. My republishing of her article is with permission. Enjoy the article she wrote!

Dear Child Care Parents Please Be Considerate🍎

It’s Friday and all anyone wants to do is start their weekend. We’ve had a long week. You’ve had a long week. We are all watching that clock.

We all have plans. Might not be anymore that take out, pajamas and Netflix but it’s plans. Who knows maybe your Friday evening is milk, protein and fruit in the form of a bowl of ice cream. No judging going on here.

It’s just not Friday’s it’s any day. It never fails on a day I need off that’s the day someone’s late. Sure we providers can tack late fees on but what we really need is OFF.

Parents when your provider establishes their hours or they have a scheduled meeting please be considerate. Please arrive on time or early if possible. Every minute counts especially if we need to be off for training.

Training for a provider is serious. If a provider is late it’s another day we have to schedule off to retake the training. They don’t give passes for tardiness.

Leaving late for a provider who has a trip
planned, a kids dance game, dance recital impacts everyone. To be honest our families sacrifice a great deal so we can care for your children.

For those saying that’s a reason to enroll in a center let me say staff at centers need off on schedule too. As a Director with staff let me say there is nothing like getting a call from your staff that they are still there with a child an hour or more after close with nonsense be answering calls. I’ve been interrupted more than once do to miscommunication between family members.

There’s nothing as exasperating as working while not feeling perky and a parent comes in late and to find out they’d taken the day off to clean house. 😱

Might I also add it boggles the mind how no one can clean house, do laundry or go grocery shopping with their kids. It was always the best part of having kids is the extra help. Kids absolutely love to help. It’s how we make memories and bond. Remember helping gramma in the kitchen such fond memories.

Parents don’t get me wrong. We love servicing the families we do. We set our hours according to your hours. However there are times we have appointments, we have activities, we have training, we have times we aren’t feeling 💯 %. These are the times we need understanding. We need compassion. We need consideration.

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