The Scary Reality of Drowning in Young Children

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I recently took an online DCF Daycare In-Service training course on drowning and water safety and I learned so much about the realities and myths of drowning in young children that I felt that I needed to write about it to inform other parents of facts, information, and a simulated video of what a drowning person looks like (acting but still very real-looking) to help parents and caregivers alike learn what drowning really looks like so if you see it happening, you know what to look for and what course of action to take.

This is one of the more difficult topics to discuss and learn about because we all feel heart-wrenching pain at the thought or sight of someone dying from drowning. But the only way to help prevent the instance is to know about it, know what it looks like through watching videos, and through taking preventative measures to ensure that safety and supervision are of #1 importance. Because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Videos to Watch Now

Recognize the Signs of Drowning

Steps to Save Someone From Drowning

What Does an Actual Drowning Look Like?

Drowning Signs Aren’t Like the Movies (Real Footage)


I learned that it only takes 15-60 seconds for a young child to FULLY drown. This is way shorter a time than it would take for an adult, but it’s still in the blink of an eye. “Both fatal [death] and non-fatal [survival]  drowning are quiet and quick, with no signs of struggle. With no sound and almost no movement, it’s hard to spot a drowning child.”



Prevention of Drowning in Young Children:





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