Why I’ll Never Buy Anything New Again

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I believe that most people are thrifty with purchases because they don’t have a lot of money to spend but they have needs that must be met. So it inspires creativity, then, to try and get X amount of things for X amount of dollars available. Also, if you have a lot of money going out in a month for bills and etc it’s easy to be thrifty because it’s the only thing that’s logical.

Take my first apartment, for example. We got all used furniture because (1) there wasn’t enough money to buy all-new, (2) it made sense, (3) it was a way to afford quality brands without breaking the bank. Here’s the breakdown of nearly all the pieces, their price, and where they came from:

90″ Couch- Henredon brand- $150- Ebay.com- pickup in Virginia
pink upholstered sidechair- $100- Ebay.com
puke yellow velvet swivel upholstered chair- $100- Ebay.com- velvet fabric for reupholstering ~$100- reupholstered with local business $400
coffee table and 2 end tables- Ebay.com- pickup in panhandle of FL- $200-$250
china cabinet- $100- Craig’s List- pickup in Sarasota
dining table w/ 3 leaves and 6 chairs- $150- Craig’s List- pickup in Sarasota

All of my kitchen supplies and appliances we bought new because we needed them ASAP, I wanted one that was “my own”, and it’s hard to find these online since they sell quickly. All the dishes I bought for serving and eating, I bought off Ebay and had shipped to me. Most of the tools, etc I bought at Target or other similar local stores. But I did buy tongs off Ebay cause I like the old-school ones better than the newer ones.

For all the baby’s stuff, most of it was gently used:
Crib- Crib4Life- $200 (retail $500)
3 crib sheets, bumper, crib skirt, valance, blanket, quilt, lamp- $100- bought from someone i know
Chicco infant carseat, 2 carseat bases, stroller- $175 (retail $440)- Cradle to College resale event
bathtub- $15- Cradle to College
clothes- varying prices $1-$5 a piece- Salvation Army, garage sales, Once Upon a Child, Klassy Kids, Cradle to College, Just Between Friends, mommy groups on Facebook, etc
double breast pump- $50- mommy resale group on FB
rubber spoons for feeding- $4 for 8- ebay.com

The only things that were new were things like: bottles and parts, pacifiers, a pack n play we got as a gift, anything we bought using a gift card (I would’ve preferred cash, but…), gifts, organic formula (obviously), baby medicine, natural care products for diapering and bathing, diapers and wipes, etc. But I still found a way to get bargains on these!

Lucie’s List was one of the most helpful resources I found on all things baby. She mentioned Amazon Mom, which is a version of Amazon’s Prime product- where you get discounts on items you “subscribe n save” to (recurring delivery) and get free, 2-day shipping. They have a free, 3 month trial period, and after that it’s $80/year (totally worth it, if you ask me!). You also get the perks of Amazon Prime discounts on all products as well as getting 20% off any purchase of diapers or wipes. Have 5+ items delivered in a month and you’ll save 20% off the entire purchase. I was able to get organic Earth’s Best formula for the bub (my baby) for the same price that I was buying GMO Enfamil at the store. Earth’s Best Sensitive is $27 a can at Publix and I get it on Amazon for $19-$21 a can, depending on any coupons or specials they have. A slightly smaller can of Enfamil Sensitive is $23 at Publix. Hello bargain-hunting! Plus the great thing about this program is that I don’t have to GO anywhere. Anyone who’s ever had a baby knows what a pain it is to lug a kid around all day, getting them in and out of car seats, etc. So this was a welcome thing, to me, to be able to get the things I need without causing a hassle!

I also would scour Craig’s List, Ebay, and my Facebook mommy groups for deals. I once bought like 200-300 size 4 diapers for $25!! That’s one heck of a bargain!

Reasons why buying used is so great

1. Saving money is a great gain that allows me to spend it in other places, often where it’s more needed.

2. You reduce waste by using what’s already “out there” versus supporting consumerism.

3. You get a deal!

4. You help someone else get rid of needless items in their home.

5. It feels good to interact with other human beings versus companies or store clerks.

6. It allows you to afford more quality than what you could buy if you bought it new.

7. It avoids having items trashed that are in good condition.

8. It makes you feel great to get something “new” to you but it’s a lower price tag.

9. Your home reaps the benefits of having an eclectic mix of pieces and not having everything be so matchy-matchy.

10. It allows you the freedom to create something in your own style much more easily and makes your home feel cozy.

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